About Swimrun

SwimRun is a unique and challenging adventure sport where teams of two compete by alternating between running and swimming on a challenging course covering trails, beaches, ocean, cliffs, rocks, and paths. Teams must complete the entire course together and help each other through tough terrain to beat the course.

SwimRun started as an extreme endurance sport and has had a rapid growth in the Nordic countries in the last 10 years. The sport has grown to become an established sport with a respected reputation. The sport accommodates for the new generation of heroes – wanting to push themselves and become extraordinary.

You are a team: Forget individual performance. In SwimRun you are a team of two, never more than 10m apart.

Different categories: Men, Women & Mixed teams compete together on the same terms.

How to race: Alternate between swimming and running on a challenging, set course.

Environment: Ocean, lakes, trails, paths, rocks and roads.

Equipment: Wetsuit, shoes, goggles, whistle, swim cap, pull bouy and paddles. All equipment must be carried throughout the entire course, you swim with your shoes and run with your wetsuit on. There is no turning back!